Splash Supply Clothing was born in 2017 when Marcus Johnson did the thing he did best—stand out. Marcus rocked a black bomber jacket with his well-known nickname “Splashy” across the back, coupled with his million-dollar smile, he was a walking trend-setter. His style was a successful sales pitch before he even spoke. He started a legacy at that very moment, without even trying. Splash Supply Clothing is the product of his influence and his affinity for exclusive gear. Marcus was an outgoing, fashion-forward entrepreneur. Color ways were his love language and his love was a vibrant thing. He chose his patterns based on his favorite sneakers and there aren’t many that had the drip like him. 

At the tender age of 19, Marcus’ life was taken too soon. 

As Splash Supply Clothing continues to garner support from those who loved him and those new to his story, we are committed to growing his vision. Splash Supply Clothing lives on to honor Marcus Johnson by creating unique apparel that inspires young people to be original and to keep chasing their dreams.